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Sewing Tips from the Experts: Create Your Next Work of Art Today


There are many sewing tips, products, and techniques that help make the sewing process quicker and easier. Scroll down for multiple ways to learn new things about sewing. We have downloadable worksheets, projects, videos, and more for you!

We will be constantly adding to this page, so check back often for more information!

Sewing Tips & Techniques

Machine Maintenance
Taking proper care of your sewing machine, Serger, and embroidery machine, and getting it serviced regularly will help prolong its life. When you are experiencing a problem on your machine, there are several things that you can try. Download this handout for some useful tips about troubleshooting your machine.

Machine Needle Magic
There is a different needle for all the different fabrics, and they also come in different sizes. When starting out on a new project, it can sometimes be difficult to pick the appropriate needle for the fabric or project you are working on. Download the following handout for a list of all of the needles and which ones to use to get the best stitch.

Serger Tips
Setting up Sergers can sometimes be a daunting task since you can have up to 4 spools of thread and 4 different tensions to work with! Here is a cheat sheet for you that lists the most popular stitches on a Serger and how to set it up. It also lists suggestions of what kind of threads to use, plus a couple of quick and simple projects to try out.

Jelly Roll Rug Tips
Jelly Roll Rugs are beautiful padded rugs that can be used on the floor or made smaller as tablerunners. They can be scrappy and made out of the stash, or coordinated with a jelly roll bundle. The patterns give you great step by step instructions. Here’s a few more tricks that we found made this project easier.

Instructional Videos

How to Use Fasturns to Make Easy Fabric Tubes

Fasturns are a great product to help you make fabric tubes easily and quickly. You can use them for making straps, handles, belts, and more. Loretta Hayes will show you the step-by-step process, as well as some projects to inspire you!

How to Use Clover Flower Frill Template

Clover has a super-fast and easy template to make flower frills. Watch Loretta Hayes show you step-by-step the process of making one of these cute flowers.

Fusible Applique on Your Sewing Machine

Applique is a technique in which pieces of fabric are sewn onto another piece of fabric to create designs, patterns, or pictures. This is an easy technique that can be easily customized and add a lot more creative possibilities to your sewing.

Pam Hayes will show you the basics in the Quick Video, or you can see more tips and techniques in the Full Length video.

Quick Video 3:49

Full Length 9:53

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